All humans have wounds related to their personal history, emotional breakdowns, grief, trauma, anxiety or depression.

When we do not take care of these wounds, they communicate with us through signs such as short breathing, physical pain, recurrent dreams or compulsive behavior.

Therapy can help to recognize some signs, during the sessions, we can see situations more clearly, the therapist can assist in the process of personal exploration, show different approaches  the client couldn't see clearly.

A  therapist provides respect, listening, confidentiality, support as well as tools to give the client self-awareness and discover their internal strengths.


You do it from the comfort of home or office.

You save the transfer.

You can pay online.

It is just as efficient as live sessions.


A comfortable place where you can be alone, without interruptions.

Good internet signal.

Headphones, not necessary but recommended.

Laptop, tablet or mobile with camera and sound.

What do you need?

 Gestalt therapy was developed by Laura Perls and Fritz Perls between the decades of the 60's and 70's, it has a humanistic and existential approach, highly recommended to work on current issues, in the here and now, it is creative because the client is constantly invited Doing activities during the session can sometimes be seen as confrontational as it tries to lead the client to connect with their emotions.

Gestalt aproach.
First session.


Please contact me if you want to do a First session.

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This session helps define schedules, ways and times to contact, cancellation times, payment, what to do in emergencies, the means by which the future will be contacted, etc. Feel free to ask what you need regarding how therapy works.

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