For who is addecuate psychotherapy?

If you came here it will be that something you are looking for.

It takes courage and awareness to open up to personal search. In that journey of yours that is unique, that has always belonged to you, you may need accompaniment

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For everyone, it's like asking yourself, who does the exercise well? to all. The world of emotions is little explored throughout life, the emotions are there, always, and in most cases we learn of their presence when they are as intense as falling in love or being a mother or when we become ill, depressed, anxiety.

Going to therapy is like doing emotional exercise,  together we create a space on witch you can explore your feelings and thoughts.

As results of not working on yourself,  you may develop:

Anxiety                 Insomnia                             Anger

Depression        Panic attacks               Addictions

Isolation            Suicidal toughs                   O.C.D.

Family problems                                   Aggression    Desperation                                  Existential crisis  Bereavements                                           Life project 


         Sexual and affective difficulties

              Conflicts in relationships   


Gestalt approach

The therapeutic process in  Gestalt is an open, dynamic, honest and respectful dialogue full of activities, representations and experiments, we will work on different issues, and we will also apply exercises to help you look at them from different prospects for solutions.

More than a therapy, Gestalt is a way of life. Fritz Perls and Laura Perls developed this humanistic technique around the 50's.  The spirit of Gestalt is in many new generation therapies and even in our culture, you may have heard of:

Here and now. We work in the present, in the current issues that bother you, which remain to be resolved.


Awareness. You will learn to be honest with your way of being and see the world, without judging more or being affected by the judgement of others.


Responsibility.  To be more free and give meaning to your life, taking responsibility for your decisions.


I have twelve years of experience working with:

Individuals                                                                     Couples                             Antenatal and Postnatal

Young people                                                                Groups                               Addictions                                            

Process; from beginning till the end, always is good to discuss together, client ant therapist, therms of initiation and finalization, an average time of profess could take between 6 months to 1 year of therapy


Duration; sessions of 1 hour weekly.


Cost; £50 per session.

At the end of every session we will recapitulate your learning, your feelings, and will look forward for your  next step . with this practice you will be  more aware of your  reactions, your triggers and eventually you will be taking better decisions in your life.


At the end of every session we will do a recapitulation, what did you learn? what did you feel? what's next step in this?,  you will be more aware of your emotions and reactions and eventually taking decisions for you will include your logic and emotions, all together.

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