Mayan Massage UK

The best experience.


1 hour session £50

1.5 hours session £75

2 hours session £100

What makes Mayan Massage unique are the particular strong and gentle movements, this technique have been develop by this ancient and wise civilization to put in the right position bones and tendons to relief users from pain, stress, back problems, headaches and more.

Mayan healers passed their knowledge to their heirs,  in this case Don Lauro de la Cruz (mayan priest and tibetan monk) and Eduardo Barba were my teachers of different ancient techniques in the mountains of  the South of Mexico (2004), I have managed to put this  techniques together and deliver a high quality treatment.

Mayan massage  connects your body with your memories and  feelings and allows you to touch your soul.

Session: I work with coconut and olive oil, natural  organic essences of lavender, tea tree and azahar if any skin problem, allergies, recent surgeries or injuries please let me know in advance.


Mayan Massage Technique

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