An effective treatment for  diseases, symptoms  and chronic pains.

Linda after 3 sessions

Linda after 6 sessions

Technique developed by  the mexican Doctor Issac Goiz Duran in 1988, it works  finding unbalanced pH in specific organs of your body, taking those acid or alkaline organs to a neutral pH. bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites can't survive in a  neutral pH. After a biomagnetical  therapeutic session, organs return to their normal functions.


 That's the reason why biomagnetism may help to correct back problems, blood pressure,  allergies, vaginal discharge, migraines, tummy ache, lumps, chest infection,eczema, diabetes,  urinary tract infections, liver illness and much more.


Biomagnetism is a good  complementary treatment for anxiety, depression, anorexia, drinking and eating disorders and many others. If in any of this cases,  we do recommend you to by assessed by a mental health professional as  a psychotherapist, counselor or even going to the Hospital for a full assesment.

Biomagnetism is compatible  with any other therapies like Reiki,  Bach flowers, psychotherapy,  alopaty or homeopathy.

This technique can't be applied  on people who has received chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the last year, for people with  bypass we have to take precautions. If under any other treatment or medication, please let us know.

After being his patient due to a back injury, Ricardo had the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in 2007.

Sessions: I will be able of telling you how many sessions do you need as a treatment, usually between 3 and 6, it could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depends on your body, illness, traveling dstance and economical .

Cost:         £50 per session.




Healing Crisis is very unlikely but possible to happen due to a strong body detox  reaction after a biomagnetic session. The effects could be different, depending on what is the main issue, for example, headache, diarrhea, or increasing of the symptoms  you have before the session, this effects will pass after 24 hours of the treatment.  A great way to prevent a healing crisis is to drink plenty of water just after the treatment and during the next couple of days to help your body to get rid of the reminiscent microorganisms in your body and allow yourself time enough to rest and relax after the session. If a strong healing crisis happens to you  it's because your body had many viruses and bacteria and they are moving away. There are no registered  cases  of hospitalization or death due to this technique, however in case you have a  strong healing crisis, please contact me.

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