Imagie your life in balance

The change  starts  with your will, and I'm happy to accompany you in this journey, why? because some others accompanied me  and I am eternally grateful to them. My life without working therapeutically in my body and mind would have little taste, would be meaningless  and and I want you to try the kinds of making your own way through your process towards a healthy life.

Therapies I offer

 is a unique, strong and gentle treatment, developed by the ancient and wise civilization to put in the right position bones and tendons to relief users from pain, stress, back problems, headaches and more.

Bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites can't survive in a  neutral pH. After a biomagnetical therapeutic 

session, organs return to their normal functions.


 That's why biomagnetism may help to correct back problems, blood pressure,  allergies, migraines, tummy ache, lumps, chest infection,eczema, diabetes,  urinary tract infections, liver illness and much more.

If you came here it will be that something you are looking for.

It takes courage and awareness to open up to personal search. In that journey of yours that is unique, that has always belonged to you, you may need accompaniment

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